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Detox Ionic Foot Spa

Quick Manual

How does an ionic detox foot bath work?

What are the most common benefits of the ionic detox?

What are the most common benefits of soaking your feet in ginger?

Is this a medical device, can it cure or treat my illness?

Why does the color change without feet in the water?

Can anyone use the ionic detox?

What can I expect after an ionic detox foot bath session?

How long does a session take?

How often can I do my sessions?

How do I preserve and clean the array?

How long will the array last?

Why do my feet tingle?

Is my array broken if it does not produce bubbles?

My foot detox machine keeps beeping and shuts off. What can I do?

What kind of salt can I use in my foot bath?

What are the specifications of the BioVitta Wellness Ionic Foot Bath?

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