BioVitta Wellness™ Ionic Foot Bath (Upgraded)
BioVitta Wellness™ Ionic Foot Bath (Upgraded)
BioVitta Wellness™ Ionic Foot Bath (Upgraded)
BioVitta Wellness™ Ionic Foot Bath (Upgraded)
BioVitta Wellness™ Ionic Foot Bath (Upgraded)
BioVitta Wellness™ Ionic Foot Bath (Upgraded)
BioVitta Wellness™ Ionic Foot Bath (Upgraded)

BioVitta Wellness™ Ionic Foot Bath (Upgraded)

Stubborn Toxins, Burning Pain, Fatigue, Or Swollen Feet? Rejuvenate Your Body In Just 30 Minutes A Day!
Without costly spa treatments, time-consuming detox diets, addicting medications, or endless doctor appointments
✅ Rapid detoxification and rejuvenation for tired, swollen feet (no complex regimens)
✅ Enhances circulation, alleviates inflammation, and revitalizes overall well-being
✅ Stimulates body's natural detoxification pathways and self-repair mechanisms
  • 30-Day Results or Return

"After two months of using Therapy PRO™, the results are extraordinary. My pain and swelling went from a 9/10 to a 2/10." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carol R., USA

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The End To Toxic Buildup, Fatigue, Chronic Pain And Swelling, While Boosting Your Overall Wellness

If you're reading this, chances are you are suffering from persistent pain and fatigue, swollen feet, bloating, or a general feeling of unwellness.

The result? The constant pain and fatigue dictate your everyday life.

Long-term, this can lead to more severe issues like hormonal imbalances, reduced immunity, and a reliance on various treatments to manage symptoms.

Harnessing the power of Ionic Detoxification, the  BioVitta Detox™ Machine eliminates toxins, rejuvenates, and revitalizes your entire body in just 30 minutes a day.

Breakthrough Discovery

You've probably tried several other detox and wellness products that promise remarkable results but fail to deliver. And, I'm here to tell you it's not your fault that you're still struggling with those issues.

Many other detox and wellness methods only provide temporary relief and don't address the root cause of the problem. This leaves the underlying issues unresolved and can make things much worse.

After two years of prototypes and $218,000 spent in testing, we discovered the breakthrough combination of:

Ionic Detoxification Technology helps to draw out toxins and impurities. By eliminating these harmful substances, your body can restore balance and promote overall wellness.

Electromagnetic Field Stimulation enhances circulation. This allows more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to be delivered to the affected areas, activating the body's self-healing mechanism.

Exclusive Ginger Tablets provide natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. These potent tablets further support your body's detoxification process and help improve overall well-being.

Targeting all three elements of wellness was the secret sauce that results in the rapid revitalization of your body and improvement in overall well-beign.

70,000+ Said Goodbye To Exhaustion, Toxic Buildup, Bloating, And Pain For Good

Relief from persistent tiredness, pain, bloating, inflammation, and toxin-related discomfort.

Rebalances and revitalizes the body from within.

Enhances overall wellness and vitality for a more energetic day.

Helps you regain balance, enabling you to enjoy physical activities with ease.

Supports a holistic approach to avoid invasive and risky procedures.

Saves time & money on subpar detox alternatives.

How It Works?

The Ionic Foot Detox Machine utilizes a gentle electric current to create an ionizing effect in the water, drawing out toxins and impurities from your body.

As you immerse your feet in the detox bath, the negatively charged ions in the water attract the positively charged toxins, neutralizing and eliminating them through your feet's pores.

The accompanying exclusive ginger-infused tablets provide additional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, further supporting your body's detoxification process and overall well-being.

This breakthrough combination results in rapid revitalization, relief from fatigue, swollen feet, and a boost to your overall wellness.

With consistent use, the BioVitta Detox™ Ionic Foot Bath helps restore balance in your body, providing long-lasting improvements to your health and vitality.

Nerve Health Restoration

Constant neuropathy pain can lead to inflammation, further aggravating nerve damage and hindering the healing process.

Utilizing the BioVitta Ionic Foot Bath addresses the core issue by promoting detoxification and circulation, essential for nerve and muscle health.

This process aids in the rejuvenation of nerves and muscles, potentially reversing the adverse effects of neuropathy. The outcome is sustained relief from neuropathy pain and discomfort, contributing to overall nerve and muscle wellness.

Professionally Designed & Endorsed

Access to podiatrists and wellness experts can be limited and costly.

The BioVitta Ionic Foot Bath is created with insights from leading health professionals to offer effective neuropathy and foot discomfort relief accessible anytime.

For a fraction of a single specialist visit, you can achieve lasting results and improved well-being right at home.

Unravel The Mystery Of Color Changes

That happens due to the natural oxidation process that occurs when the array interacts with the water and the added salt.

However, when feet are placed in the foot bath, the real ionic detox process begins. The device emits a low electric current into the water, generating ions that attract and neutralize oppositely charged toxins in the body.

The color of the water may change to reflect the areas of the body that are being detoxified. The different colors can indicate which specific organs, tissues, or systems have released toxins, providing insights into the user's overall health and detoxification progress.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We've got your back: If you don't get the desired results in as fast as 30 days or less - we don't want your money!

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee policy will make it right for you. Just contact our customer support team via e-mail at, and ask for a full refund.

Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to be aware of the absolute ZERO risks in buying something from us and trying it out. If you don't like it, no hard feelings, we'll make it right.

We ship all orders with tracking numbers and keep you updated with the latest news while your order is on its way to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Therapy PRO™ Detox Foot Bath works by utilizing advanced ionic technology. When you immerse your feet in the bath, the device generates a stream of negatively charged ions in the water. These ions attract and neutralize positively charged toxins in your body. The process is designed to enhance your body's natural detoxification processes, promoting the removal of toxins through the feet. This not only aids in detoxification but also improves overall physiological health by enhancing blood circulation, reducing stress, and supporting the body’s natural healing processes.

Yes, the Therapy PRO™ Detox Foot Bath allows you to adjust the detox intensity to suit your individual needs and comfort levels. This feature ensures that everyone, from first-time users to experienced detox enthusiasts, can tailor their detoxification experience. Adjustments can be made easily through the device’s intuitive control panel, allowing you to increase or decrease the production of ions in the water for a more personalized detox session.

For optimal results, we recommend using the Therapy PRO™ Detox Foot Bath for 30 minutes per session. This duration is sufficient to allow the ionic process to work effectively, promoting detoxification while also ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Regular sessions can enhance the cumulative benefits of the detox process, including improved energy levels, better sleep quality, and reduced stress.

While the Therapy PRO™ Detox Foot Bath is designed for general wellness and detoxification purposes, individuals with specific medical conditions or those who are pregnant should consult with a healthcare professional before using the device. The foot bath is generally safe for most people, but it’s important to take personal health conditions into account to ensure it is appropriate for you.

Yes, the Therapy PRO™ Detox Foot Bath is designed with portability in mind. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and set up anywhere, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ionic detoxification at home or while traveling. The device is also simple to assemble and disassemble, ensuring convenience and flexibility for users on the go.

The Therapy PRO™ Detox Foot Bath comes with a one-year warranty covering any defects in materials and workmanship. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive a product that performs to the highest standards. Should you encounter any issues with your device within the warranty period, please contact our customer support team for assistance and resolution.

We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders of the Therapy PRO™ Detox Foot Bath. Orders are typically delivered within 6-12 business days, complete with tracking and insurance for your peace of mind. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we provide a 90-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact our customer support team within 90 days of receipt to initiate a return or exchange, ensuring a risk-free purchasing experience

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